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Harry Potter Book Cover Origami Wall Art

I was recently commissioned to make a custom wall art piece out of the covers of the Harry Potter Series! I have to say.... it turned out far better than I imagined that it would! I've been pretty enamored with the series since I was 11, power-reading every book within days of it's release... even standing in line at midnight for some of them! I even succumbed into the Pottermore world and sorted myself to see where I'd land. I honestly thought Gryffindor but ended up in Ravenclaw. J.K. Rowling, you created a magical world where I could escape from reality as a teenager - thank you for dreaming up this world! We were only able to acquire covers for...

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Our Wedding

We gathered with our closest friends and family in mid-September for our wedding reception. Neither of us have been to too many weddings, so we spent a lot of time talking about the "vibe" we wanted at ours. Casual, laid-back, and very us. Naturally, I made all the decor (who wouldn't want to fold hundreds of pieces of paper for one event?). I made the centerpieces, the cuff links R wore, the earrings I wore, a paper garland curtain for the ceremony back drop, and cranes and stars for the cake and dessert buffet. I also worked with a very close friend of mine, Allison of Utilitu Sewing and Design, and we custom designed R's tie, and my entire outfit. Enjoy!...

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Rachel Cadman Photography: LeeMo

I'm just gonna say it - I love Rachel Cadman. She's the cats meow and takes the best pictures. She's single-handedly helped me bring the visual presentation of LeeMo up many notches. She did a styled shoot with me to take pictures of my jewelry on a few of our friends. LeeMo Original Ayano Diamonds: Origami Cranes: Aki Diamonds: LeeMo Original Crane Diamonds: Studs: Laser Cut Earrings:

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