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Our Wedding

We gathered with our closest friends and family in mid-September for our wedding reception. Neither of us have been to too many weddings, so we spent a lot of time talking about the "vibe" we wanted at ours. Casual, laid-back, and very us. Naturally, I made all the decor (who wouldn't want to fold hundreds of pieces of paper for one event?). I made the centerpieces, the cuff links R wore, the earrings I wore, a paper garland curtain for the ceremony back drop, and cranes and stars for the cake and dessert buffet. I also worked with a very close friend of mine, Allison of Utilitu Sewing and Design, and we custom designed R's tie, and my entire outfit. Enjoy!...

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Rachel Cadman Photography: LeeMo

I'm just gonna say it - I love Rachel Cadman. She's the cats meow and takes the best pictures. She's single-handedly helped me bring the visual presentation of LeeMo up many notches. She did a styled shoot with me to take pictures of my jewelry on a few of our friends. LeeMo Original Ayano Diamonds: Origami Cranes: Aki Diamonds: LeeMo Original Crane Diamonds: Studs: Laser Cut Earrings:

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Japan.... 4 years later

It's been 4 years since I've been to Japan...! We've been planning this trip for a while, so R could meet my family + leave the country for the first time... but now we get to share our engagement with them too! We did so many things during our short visit.... I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. Because my mom wouldn't be able to make it out for the wedding, she requested a photoshoot of us dressed in traditional Japanese wedding garb. We were treated to some Kobe Beef... sukiyaki style. BEST. DINNER. EVER. Sashimi, of course. We got to go to Himeji Castle, which was closed for re-finishing while I had been living there in 12-13...

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