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First major house project: new roof! We got a surprise message from the home owners insurance company that we got when we bought the house (in january) that our roof was in such bad shape that they couldn't insure us. Mind you, the inspector said we had 1-3 years left on the roof... Regardless, we scrambled, got a new insurance agent, and then waited for the weather to calm down and warm up before we did this. R was able to get the roofing material through his work, so we did as much of it ourselves as we could!

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We bought a house!!

We actually did it! We got a house!! Centrally located in Bend, 1/3 Acre with irrigation rights, 2 Bedroom 2 Bath, with a fenced back yard for Stella. It's been vacant for a while, so it needs some love, but once we start working on it, it'll be great! Also.... we closed on halloween so here's a picture of us dressed as Leela & Fry from Futurama!

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Meet Stella!

Italian Greyhound / Doxie mix. We're smitten! She was a stray so she's definitely on the slim side... we'll fatten her up in no time!

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