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Chore Charts - What's the best way to put them to use?

You want your kids to start doing chores - now what? 1. Be reasonable - you're not going to be able to teach your kids new habits overnight, so start small. Start with a few key things, then add in others as they seem to grasp the whole process. 2. If they don't see you working through your "list", why should they? Don't forget - lots of kids learn by watching, so make sure you're leading by example. 3. Should you do a rewards system? Chores for allowance? Entirely up to you, but it may help to motivate them to want to learn the system more. 4. There should definitely be consequences for items that don't get done, but it doesn't need...

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Harry Potter Book Cover Origami Wall Art

I was recently commissioned to make a custom wall art piece out of the covers of the Harry Potter Series! I have to say.... it turned out far better than I imagined that it would! I've been pretty enamored with the series since I was 11, power-reading every book within days of it's release... even standing in line at midnight for some of them! I even succumbed into the Pottermore world and sorted myself to see where I'd land. I honestly thought Gryffindor but ended up in Ravenclaw. J.K. Rowling, you created a magical world where I could escape from reality as a teenager - thank you for dreaming up this world! We were only able to acquire covers for...

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Our Wedding

We gathered with our closest friends and family in mid-September for our wedding reception. Neither of us have been to too many weddings, so we spent a lot of time talking about the "vibe" we wanted at ours. Casual, laid-back, and very us. Naturally, I made all the decor (who wouldn't want to fold hundreds of pieces of paper for one event?). I made the centerpieces, the cuff links R wore, the earrings I wore, a paper garland curtain for the ceremony back drop, and cranes and stars for the cake and dessert buffet. I also worked with a very close friend of mine, Allison of Utilitu Sewing and Design, and we custom designed R's tie, and my entire outfit. Enjoy!...

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