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LeeMo Mod:ular

Inspired by nature, expressed in paper. I have been folding Origami for almost 30 years - starting with cranes, houses and balloons. Over time, I became enamored with modular origami and spent all of my free time folding module after module, creating shapes out of almost every combination of units possible. I even ended up creating a custom shape, which is now the most popular shape in my line of jewelry (patent in progress). Recently, I have been drawn to folding these modules not to make individual 3D shapes, but to explore how colors blend together and make a larger unit. This is how LeeMo Mod:ular began. I started with a pack of 100 sheets of 15cmx15cm paper, each sheet...

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House Projects 2016

This year we decided that our house project should be more visually dramatic than the roof. We spent MONTHS discussing paint colors and researching what kind of siding we wanted! What do you think? The pups decided to help too!

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