In addition to my own product line, I also do production work for other businesses to design and create components for their brand and organization systems.

Prices vary depending on material, size, and cut time of each job - please reach out so we can discuss your project and make something beautiful together!

Here are some examples of my custom work: 

Flavor Tags  |  Holm Made Toffee

Custom Engraved Wooden Flavor Tag Signage Holm Made Toffee Bend Oregon 


Wooden Ornaments  |  Tetherow Resort

Walnut Custom Ornament Tetherow Resort Bend Oregon


Clip Boards  |  Binary Star Systems

Custom Clipboard for Binary Star Systems by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR 


Upcycled Grain Bag Tags  |  The Broomsmen

Upcycled Brewery Grain Bag Tag Laser Engraved Wood The Broomsmen Bend, OR


Booth Signage  |  AE Creative

Custom Laser Cut Signage AE Creative Bend Oregon


Production Stencils  |  Central Oregon Textiles 

Laser Engraved Cut Acrylic Sewing Cutting Stencil Bend, OR