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Zodiac and Birthstone Ornaments

Zodiac and Birthstone Ornaments

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These zodiac and birthstone ornaments are a great gift for your astrology-driven friend! The astrological sign and constellation are engraved into the wood, while the birthstone is painted on by hand. Metallic paint is used for the birthstone to mimic a jewel and refract the light.

- Made from 1/8" thick plywood
- Available in maple, cherry, or walnut wood
- Measures 3" x 3"
- Strung from black silk cord
- Birthstone is painted with Metallic Paint to sparkle like a jewel
- Free Shipping

Please note: I take great care in selecting high-quality hardwoods and plywoods. The color of your wooden Christmas ornaments may vary slightly from the pictures shown above as wood grain is not consistent.

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