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The Settlers of Catan Piece Holder

The Settlers of Catan Piece Holder

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One of my favorite game night games is The Settlers of Catan. However, keeping track of all of my individual pieces, as well as my cards, etc. drives me insane when there's already limited space on the tabletop. Once I really learned how to play the game, I immediately started designing game piece holders for the Catan pieces.

- Made from opaque white acrylic
- Vertical backing comes out so you can store the holders in the box with the rest of the game
- Choose from stock words (Catan game pieces colors), or personalize your own (+$2)

I have an ongoing project designing my own settlers of Catan pieces - because the board and pieces moving every time someone rolls the die makes things so much more confusing! Until then, this is my first product offering for Catan the board game.

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