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Tea Brewing Temperatures Magnet

Tea Brewing Temperatures Magnet

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This engraved tea brewing guide magnet takes all the math out of brewing tea. And, it’s a magnet so you’ll stop needing to leave the box out so you can check the steeping time.

- Measurement: 4”H x 6”W
- Thickness: ⅛ inch
- Text is both cut out and engraved into the wood
- A magnet is attached to the back
- Choose Fahrenheit or Celcius
- Free Shipping

I tend to get tea in bulk, and very often forget to include steeping details with my packaging. Then when I want to enjoy my tea, I always google brewing tea temperature, and it's always an extra step. With this tea chart, I know what the best tea brewing temperature and steeping time is without having to look it up.

You’ll have your choice of three plywoods:
- Maple: a light, creamy color with a smooth grain pattern
- Cherry: warm reddish-brown with a straight grain pattern
- Walnut: the darkest option, with a tight grain

Please note: I take great care in selecting high-quality hardwoods and plywoods. The color of your tea brewing temperatures magnet may vary slightly from the pictures shown as wood grain is not consistent.

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