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Stir Sticks - Geometric

Stir Sticks - Geometric

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Stir sticks are great to use as drink markers at events where everyone has a drink. With personalized text, you could make your swizzlesticks funny or you could make each stir stick text unique so that you can tell each beverage apart easily. Each of these has a paddle end to help keep all your beverage ingredients mixed together. You could even design multiples and make a custom cocktail pick set for yourself!

- 1/8 inch thick food-safe laser-cut acrylic plastic
- Available in 4.5" and 7" sizes
- Each marker is made to order
- The drink markers are paddle-ended to make sure the ingredients are mixed quickly

A fun drink accessory for any Halloween party, bachelorette party, or wedding party. Drink markers that are funny always make things more fun, and the personalization and color options will help you be able to tell your drink apart from everyone else you're with. Cocktail picks for drinks are a great way to accessorize your beverage while being useful to keep the toppings accessible. 

These are reusable, but make sure to HAND WASH!

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