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Origami Diamond Paper Earrings - Teal & Yellow

Origami Diamond Paper Earrings - Teal & Yellow

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These Japanese earrings are a unique and modern take on traditional modular origami, using multiple Sonobe modules to create geometric earrings in a "diamond" shape. I fold the paper for each pair, then hand-paint multiple layers of sealant onto the paper to make it water-resistant.

- Origami Paper Earrings
- 2.5" Long, 0.5" Wide
- Made with imported Origami paper
- Silver Minimalist Earrings
- Hand-folded and hand-painted origami diamond shape
- Very Lightweight
- Free Shipping

These teal and yellow design Origami earrings can go from a day at work to an evening out – they are versatile and can be worn at any time of the day. Each pair is playful yet lightweight – you may even forget that you are wearing them from time to time.

Every pair is hand-coated with multiple water-resistant finishes, but showers are not recommended.

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