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Herb + Leaf Stripper

Herb + Leaf Stripper

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This acrylic herb stripper will be a great addition to your kitchen tools - whether you're prepping herbs for a soup or stew, or separating kale leaves for a healthy salad!

- 5"W x 2"H
- Laser engraved and cut from clear acrylic
- Holes on both sides of tool - to use left or right handed
- 4 sizes of holes to strip kale or leafier greens, and 6 sizes of holes to strip herbs
- Free Shipping
- Reusable but please make sure to HAND WASH

Ok, so I love cilantro, but always hate separating the leaves from the stems. I can handle the stems if I'm mincing it up, but the texture isn't my favorite when I'm adding cilantro to a salad. I started designing this specifically with cilantro in mind, as a cilantro peeling herb tool. The fork method didn't work for me as a cilantro stripping tool, and after a couple of iterations, I came up with this leaf stripper. I personally think this is the best herb stripping tool, but I could be a little biased.

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