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Dry-Erase Hooked Labels for Storage Bin Organization

Dry-Erase Hooked Labels for Storage Bin Organization

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Pantry basket organization is all the rage these days - I see beautiful images everywhere of floor-to-ceiling shelves and walk-in pantries. Unfortunately, this isn't the norm for most of us. I find myself on Pinterest all the time for storage bin organization ideas, but just don't have the space for beautiful systems like I see there. 

The good news is that any pantry bin organizer can work, you just have to create your own organization system.

With these hooked tags, you can use any pantry containers and have them labeled for your organizational needs.

- 1/8" Thick White Acrylic
Tags hang about 1.25" down from the edge of the bin or basket, and can fit up to 0.75" thick baskets

Pantry labels to help keep your bins organized visually. Each pantry label comes with a hook to hang on your basket or bin, so you can quickly and easily see what is stored in each container. These hang tags will quickly become your favorite tool to keep the baskets of snacks, chips, and other smaller pantry items together. Pantry organization is key to knowing what you have vs what you need to purchase on your next grocery trip. These custom labels have multiple standard options, but can also be personalized for what is specific to your pantry. Personalized tags will make sure it makes sense to you and your family.

Ideas for closet organizers:

For Tie-On Pantry Labels:

For Tie-On Linen Closet Labels:

For Hooked Labels:

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