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Dry-Erase Chore Chart

Dry-Erase Chore Chart

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Use this dry-erase chore chart as a magnetic chore chart for adults, or mount it to your wall and use it as a whiteboard chore chart for kids.

Help your kids learn how to be independent with this visual daily responsibilities chore chart. This dry erase board for chores will make it easy to see what has and has not been completed from the daily task list.

- 8" W x 10" H frosted acrylic
- Includes wall mounting offset hardware, or upgrade to magnetic hardware (+$2)
- Brushed silver offset hardware
- A magnetic Dry-Erase Pen with an eraser on the cap is included

Chores help kids learn responsibility, and sharing chores gives you help around the house. A chore board is just an easy tool to use to help implement and track their tasks.

I grew up in a single-parent household, so it wasn't at all strange that I was doing my own laundry or cooking meals when I was 11 years old. I never had a fun chart to keep track of all of the tasks that I had, but I sure did have a lot of lists! Of course, I hated it growing up when my other friends could go hang out but I had chores to do, but when I got to college and was really in charge of my own things, I saw how beneficial it was that I'd known how to do a lot of those things already for most of my life.

"Children are capable of handling much more than some people may first believe. Even toddlers can help with the smallest and simplest chores, and by the time they're teenagers, they can manage most of what their parents can. The key is to start your kids off with small household tasks at a young age and slowly teach them more complicated chores over time. Setting expectations as soon as it's developmentally appropriate can help ease any arguing later on as they become older and begin to test boundaries."

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