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what i’ve been up to: origami earrings, moving, and food

Hi friends, it’s true – I’ve moved again. It seems like that’s becoming a pattern in my life as of late, doesn’t it? Personally, I’m ok if it stops here. It’s been wonderful seeing things and traveling, but I’m ready to be in one place for a little while and really focus on LeeMo and myself. I never really realized how exhausting it was to move so much – it’s become so second nature in my life to have to pick everything up and go somewhere new that I never really thought about how draining it all became.

New places are very exciting, yes, but there’s finding work, establishing yourself (business and personal), as well as just getting to know the new place you’re in. So far, I’m loving Bend. When I left Portland, I was convinced that I needed something ridiculously urban like Osaka. After a year in Osaka and being shoulder-to-shoulder with just about everyone in the city… I’m ok with not living in such a crowded place. Vernal, UT…. that was way too few people. And definitely not enough culture or food or creativity for me there. It was a great experience and I met some amazing people, but I think Oregon just keeps calling me back. Even when I was trying to decide where I wanted to go to school while in High School, I knew Oregon was it for me. So much so, in fact, that I only applied to UO. Thank goodness I got in – otherwise where would I be right now??? That’s something fun to think about, but perhaps for another post 

It’s been a month since I’ve been in Bend, and it’s pretty great so far. I got a job within a couple of days of moving here (www.carstickers.com), I got my earrings into a boutique downtown (Lotus Moon), I’ve met some fabulous people and even went to a bonfire  All in all, I’d say that’s a pretty good start to my new life here.

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Here’s a fun parting gift… I made an Origami pendant lamp over the weekend (pictures coming soon), but took a quick break for a quick selfie:

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