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Spice Jar Organization

My friends know me as the organized one. I love systems, I love order, and I love when things WORK and look great at the same time. Whenever a friend moves into a new place, or wants to re-do their kitchen - they call me. I've recommended a few products that I think are really great to a few different people now, so I thought I'd share here as well!

Kitchen organization is so tough because really, unless it was custom designed around how YOU cook and use it, there’s always going to be something weird. I used to keep my spices in a narrow cupboard next to the stove – now, no more overhead storage there so that’s out. Then I tried the most used ones sitting on top of the stove where I could see them – practical, but then the jars got dirty from cooking and it just didn’t look so nice. I moved in with my husband (then boyfriend), and he kept his in a drawer. It was so nice! I could see all of the labels, they were all there just waiting for me to pick what I needed! Turns out that was a mutual friend of ours who came up with it and he just kept the system because he’s bad with change (>.<). Regardless, that system came with us to our current house. 


Counter space is a premium, and the rotating racks always just took up space and then I didn’t use over half of the spices included. I definitely have spices that I use daily (1), then the ones I use less often or when I’m only making a specific cuisine (2), and then the ones that we bought for ONE recipe that we haven’t made again since (3). I know you’ve done it too. So I have to drawers: one for the first and second priority spices, then the other drawer where everything else lives. Naturally, the one we access more often is closer to the stove.

Spice Jar Kitchen Home Organization Labels Decals Stickers by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR

A friend of mine who just moved into a new apartment was struggling with the same thing, so I found this:

3-Tier Spice Rack Organizer

Spice Jar Organizer with Custom Spice Jar Labels by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR

It was perfect! You can keep your spices grouped by use, see them so easily, and each "drawer" stays "open" so you can grab one at a time while you're cooking instead of needing to pull them all out! I was so impressed by this that I've recommended it to MULTIPLE others who all say they love it and it makes their lives so much easier.

Also pictured: My Vinyl Spice Jar Decals and Square Spice Jars (that don't roll around so you can't see the labels, AND come with split lids for shaking or a bigger side for measuring).


I love problem solving, even when it's not a problem that I have in my kitchen personally. I hope this helps you find the perfect system for your spices as well!

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