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Schultens Wedding Centerpieces + Jewelry

One of my very close friends asked me to design and make custom centerpieces for her wedding. Her whole aesthetic was based around Rennie Mackintosh style shapes, so there was a lot of geometry as part of the decor. Her favorite color is blue / turquoise, so of course, our design revolved around that!

Photographer: Aubrie LeGault,

Jessica wanted to do two styles of centerpieces - one with the main feature being origami that was lit from within, and decorated with smaller soft flowers - and the other with a floral centerpiece for height, and smaller blue origami boxes around the vase. I think it all came together really nicely, and it was very much her style!

She also asked for custom LeeMo Diamonds for her bridesmaids to give them as their gift and have them wear the day of. Here she is wearing her custom earrings:

All of the earrings together - the same colors as the geometric cubes used in the centerpieces.

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