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Recent Travels

Boy, do I suck at blogging! I’ve been galavanting around the world and just left all you guys hanging. Galavanting, you say? Yep! In the past 3 months I:

visited my dad and some friends in Hawai'i,

visited my mom, sister, cousins, and aunts & uncles in Japan,

visited my good friend in Seattle (I know, not that crazy – but hey, it counts!),

and last but not least, visited my best friend in Vernal, Utah (just wait til you hear all about it!).

So, needless to say, I’m a smidge overdue on updates

Let’s start with Hawai’i: I got to hang out with my dad, which was rad, plus I got to work on a bunch of LeeMo stuff while I was there and go nuts with the tropical color inspirations for my new line!

I got to arrange some flowers for a wedding – yeah, that’s considered R&R for me

My dad and his friend are in the midst of a new project and I got to check that out and give my design input, which is always fun. Saw some old friends from highschool – boy how we all change, huh?

Japan: super last minute trip – planned it 5 days before I left, actually, ha! It was AMAZING. I always love spending time with my family there – such fun personalities  Pretty much did the standard – ate some sushi,

laughed at some translations,

spent some time telling my cousin about the states (she wants to be a flight attendant – and be trilingual! She’s trying to one-up me!

ate some okonomiyaki (SO GOOD),

found out that my grandpa made katana guards as a hobby?! hmmm apparently my mad skills with detail-oriented stuff is genetic?

and drank some green tea cola

you know, the typical Japan stuff?

Seattle was great but I unfortunately do not have any pictures! El, what happened to taking pictures??

I’m going to summarize my Utah trip as well as give you a little insight into what I’ve been doing to keep myself busy…. in another post at a later date 

Suffice to say, all of the galavanting has opened my eyes to a lot of fun new things and my interests are ever changing and growing… which is what we’re supposed to do constantly, right?

As Ava, from ‘Up All Night’ would say: “keep watching and growing!”

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