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Simplify routines with this Pet Care Tracker

Back when we only had one dog, Stella - we would so frequently forget to feed her that we set an alarm on my phone to remind us. She was happy as a clam, laying in our laps or sleeping 12+ hours and would never remind us! To be fair, she's not very food motivated, either though.

When we first got her, she was just about 9lbs, and we were able to fatten her up to 12. I know, it really doesn't sound like much, but look at this!

stella the noodle dachshund italian greyhound rescue adopt don't shop

She was in pretty bad shape from having been on the streets and we just couldn't resist that cute little face!

Anyway, back to food. Once we got Ruby, our Jack Russel mix, we had absolutely no problem remembering feeding time. She starts telling us a solid 1/2 hour before it's time, loudly and pointedly. Including at 6am when she jumps on my bladder because she figured out that's the best way to get me up quickly.

My husband told me stories of when he was a kid and he'd feed the family dog, Sammy (a lab), then his dad would come home late and she would look all hungry and then get fed again! I hear stories like this from friends all the time, and decided it was time to make a tool that could help: a pet care tracker

pet care tracker laser cut laser engraved wood

Not just to track food, but also pills, if they'd been let out, if they'd been taken on a walk, etc.

laser cut laser engraved wooden pet care tracker

Thank you to Kristin Rose Photography for images of Baxter's setup!

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