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Pandemic Mocktails

So I've had a little more time on my hands recently and I remembered that I had some images of a mocktail photoshoot that I had done and never posted about. I've been using my cocktail picks pretty regularly to make mocktails since I've been home more.

About two years ago, I developed a weird thing where I get REALLY bad headaches whenever I had any alcohol. It started with beer, so I thought - it's ok - I'll just avoid that and drink other things. Well... no luck there. No wine, no tequila, no vodka. So after mourning that for a little while, I had to figure out a plan B. Luckily, that's about when the mocktail movement was picking up, and a friend of mine introduced me to shrubs, drinking vinegars, and seedlip.

Here are a few drinks that Lisa of Binary Star Systems and I came up with:

Gold Cocktail Pick Geometric Diamond Laser Cut from Acrylic by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR


1/2 Oz Meadowland Goldfinch Simple Syrup
1 Tsp Honey
4oz Sparkling Water
Meyer Lemon squeezed to taste, and sliced as garnish


 Laser Cut White Acrylic Bend Cocktail Pick by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR


2oz Metolius Chai Mix
2oz Sparkling Water
2oz Half & Half
Cinnamon to Taste

 Laser Cut Oregon Heart State Outline Acrylic Cocktail Pick by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR


2oz Portland Syrups Marionberry
6oz Sparkling Water
Meyer Lemon Squeezed to taste, and sliced as garnish



1oz Som Salted Tangerine Vinegar
1oz Williams Sonoma Passionfruit Vinegar
4oz Sparkling Water
Top or Rim with Trader Joe's Chili Lime Seasoning to taste

 Laser Cut Black Geometric Acrylic Cocktail Pick by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR

These are just a few of the drinks I've been making to as part of our nightly happy hour. One big benefit of not being able to have any alcohol... no more hangovers!

I hope everyone is staying safe out there, and finding new ways to keep yourself occupied and sane!

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I’m obsessed with the Som sea salt tangerine, thanks for sharing these recipes!

Lisa Marie Sipe

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