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Our Wedding

We gathered with our closest friends and family in mid-September for our wedding reception. Neither of us have been to too many weddings, so we spent a lot of time talking about the "vibe" we wanted at ours. Casual, laid-back, and very us. Naturally, I made all the decor (who wouldn't want to fold hundreds of pieces of paper for one event?). I made the centerpieces, the cuff links R wore, the earrings I wore, a paper garland curtain for the ceremony back drop, and cranes and stars for the cake and dessert buffet. I also worked with a very close friend of mine, Allison of Utilitu Sewing and Design, and we custom designed R's tie, and my entire outfit. Enjoy!

Photography: Rachel Cadman

R designed my ring with Saxon's Fine Jewelers in Bend, OR, and we ordered his wedding band with my finger print from Fabuluster.

I'd been designing my outfit with Allison in secret, so I thought it would be nice for us to do a first look with each other before the reception, and have a nice quiet moment with each other.

We also opted for photos with the family pre-reception when we were all looking our best.


Dan, Me, Richie, Melissa, Steve, Kevin, Jessa

Cufflinks by LeeMo DesignsOriginal Grain Watch, custom tie clip from Memogifts, and tie by Utilitu Sewing & Design.

All chalkboards by Chalked Creative.

Neither of us are huge cake people, so we asked Nickol of Foxtail Bakeshop to make us a cheesecake topper (we LOVE her cheesecake). I was inspired by an origami cake I saw online and so I made some origami cranes for Nickol to decorate with.

It was an absolutely magical day, and although it was a lot of work to plan and design the whole thing, I wouldn't have had it any other way! We had friends and family come from across the country (literally - Hawai'i and DC) just to spend the weekend with us. We love all of you, and we're so happy to have been able to share our day with everyone!

Venue: Deschutes Brewery
Photographer: Rachel Cadman
Cake & Desserts: Foxtail Bakeshop
Chalkboard Signage: Chalked Creative
Groom's Tie & Bride's Attire: Utilitu Sewing & Design
Photo Booth: Bend Photo Lounge
Paper Things: LeeMo Designs

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