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it’s a new day, a blank slate, a fresh start. that’s how each day should start. i read a great quote on pinterest the other day:

“you can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterdays junk”

after reading that, i decided to start living it.

today was indeed a day of new experiences! i got to park our family car (in japan, this is no easy feat), i tried a new kind of food that i’ve always been curious about, and i got to drive a scooter!

i’ve been allowed to take the car around the block to get used to driving on the left side of the road a bit, but, my biggest fear in japan is parking. everyone backs into these tiny little parking spots that look like they’ll fit a twin bed. a roomy parking spot here fits a vw bug snugly. in fact, we parked next to a vw bug the other day and complained that it was too big because we had a hard time getting out of our car… so my first try was just backing into an empty spots with no cars around. the second, backing in with a car on one side. the third, backing in with cars on both sides. i am convinced i can’t ever be good at this unless i practice on a daily basis. i’ve never had to park so close to another car! (no pictures of this – i was quite focused on not hitting anyone).

after that, as we were headed home, i was asking about all these types of food i’d never tried – my mom doesn’t eat meat so i haven’t had that much meat in japan…. yet. i’d always walked by this food called Horumon and it smelled so good but i’d never had the guts to try it cuz i had no idea what kind of meat it was. turns out it’s intestine. i tried it, and it tastes fine, but i am not a fan of the texture. it’s like meat gum?

looks pretty delicious and smells amazing!

after that, we met up with my aunts friend who drives a scooter and i got to ride around on it while they caught up a bit. soooooooo fun!!

then on our way home i caught this amazing sunset, which is rare to see in the city

my mini adventures for today – what’s in store for me tomorrow? i’m looking forward to finding out!

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