Mocktail of The Month: Hojicha Manhattan - LeeMo Designs

Mocktail of The Month: Hojicha Manhattan

Hojicha Manhattan

Hojicha Manhattan Mocktail by LeeMo Designs in Bend Oregon

2 oz Scotch or Bourbon (Lyre's Spirit Co or Free Spirits)
1 oz Sweet Vermouth (Roots Divino)
1/2 oz Hojicha Simple Syrup (Coalition Tea)

Combine ingredients over ice and stir briefly. ENJOY!

I've wanted to incorporate tea into my mocktails for some time now, so I've been working with the team at Coalition Tea to use their teas as simple syrups for my drinks. I am so blown away by this drink that I made it every day for multiple weeks. I ran out of scotch, then promptly lost my mind while waiting for my new bottle to arrive. Trust me, you'll love it. If using alcohol, I'd recommend bourbon over scotch. For the non-alcoholic options, it just comes down to how sweet you like your drinks - the bourbon will make it sweeter while the scotch is more 'crisp'.

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