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Life In Osaka

I know, I know, I’ve done it again. Every single time, I tell myself that I’m going to set a schedule and stick to it… clearly, notsomuch.

The fun thing is that lots and lots has happened since the beginning of May – to sum it up (in no particular order):

-new job, new hair

-got addicted to shopping

-friends wo do improv comedy shows / morimoto

-getting to know my students / fellow teachers / sports festival

-rooftop bbq

– kobe visit

– crepes

So really… I haven’t been that busy. I’ve actually lied about all of the above and what I’ve really been doing is sitting at my computer all day long and not writing and keeping you in the loop on purpose 

Just kidding. Acclimating to my  new job and schedule has been quite interesting and has been taking some time to get used to. I’ve been waking up at 5am, leaving my house by 7am, and I get to work just shy of 8:30am. The train ride isn’t so bad, but now that it’s getting hot, the mile walk to / from school / the train station is killing me. I’m sweating off all of the delicious things I’m eating and losing, not gaining weight, so that’s good. Walking at a brisk pace in 30 degree heat (celcius) for 15-20 minutes makes a person perspire! I know you didn’t need that detail, but I really want to paint an accurate picture so you can imagine me melting and get some joy out of it Just picture an asian wicked witch of the west who’s not green or wearing a pointy hat. she and I could totally pass for siblings.

I’m not going to talk a lot about this cuz it’s an ever-evolving problem: but i’m creepy addicted to clothes (see my pinterest boards) and am having too much fun buying new items. i really can’t be too crazy because mostly i just work so i don’t need too many “casual” clothes… but the summer brights are calling my name! it’s true love, i tell you. for those of you who have known me for years, you know what a fun new thing this is considering I used to love to wear potato sacks to school.

Oh yeah, I upgraded my look right before starting my new job. new job, new clothes, new look, new experience. i took a page from katie holmes’ book and went for short and sassy!

i absolutely adore my new job. it definitely has it’s up and downs… as you would assume working with close to 300 teenage students! they’re finally learning my name (and giving me random nicknames, such as maria). even the shy ones have started to say hi to me in the hallways. they’re all good kids – and most of em try their darndest when you give em a little extra boost. the level of their english is pretty low, but they really want to talk to us so we get a lot of repetitive phrases.

that’s me with the other native teacher at my school.

soon after starting at school we had a sports festival. i remember them from when i was a kid. the third year students (who i only have one class of) tried so hard and made sure to put their all into it. seeing how hard they tried was inspiring… i wish they tried that hard in class  they’re soo so cute!

our neighbors across the street are architects and have this epic rooftop terrace. i was telling my aunt one day how jealous i was and that i wished we could do fun things like have rooftop bbq’s. she said why not and got in touch with her friends and set up a rooftop bbq party! it was a blast and i ate my fill of delicious meat. i’ve requested that we have another for my birthday 

i had the chance to get together with a childhood friend and meet her little boy. we hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years! we shopped and ate delicious things. her little boy was too adorable and we had a blast playing with his trains. she’s pregnant with another boy and is due any day now. i bet he’ll be just as adorable as his older brother and i can’t wait to meet him!

i’m enjoying a lot of  ‘small world’ situations here – i met a friend of a friend and we had crepes and tea. i’m always down to meet new people! look at how yummy the crepes look!

when i went to coldstone this past weekend the girl making mine commented on how rare it was (sweet cream with rainbow sprinkles) and why was my japanese so good. i told her that was all i ate in the states n she asked where i was from. turns out – her aunt lives in eugene and she visits all the time! she was so excited to meet someone who knew oregon. seriously, small world!!

i met some pretty amazing people at training before work started, and it turns out one of them is in a bilingual improv group. i’ve been to 2 shows now, and they are some of the funniest people i’ve ever met. check out their website Pirates of The Dotombori. I even have the same last name as one of em and she’s half japanese, too!

all in all… loving Japan and all of the experiences it has to offer. I’m rarely bored, let alone even home. i feel like i’m wasting time if i’m not running around and seeing new things! to anyone who is thinking about living in or visiting japan: DO IT!!!!!

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