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Kitchen and Closet Organization

I have tons and tons of wire shelving in my house, and very limited storage space, so I've taken to categorizing items in baskets and bins. I designed these hooked tags for myself, and then friends and family wanted them, and then.... well, you get the idea.

NOW this line of products has grown to include 3 font options, 4 material options (including dry-erase!), and either hooked tags or tie on tags.

Personalized Engraved Wood Pantry Tags by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR

The options are:
Hooked Tags
Tie-On Pantry Tags
Tie-On Linen Tags
Dry-Erase Hooked Tags
Dry-Erase Tie-On Tags

Personalized Engraved Wood Closet Basket Shelf Tags By LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR

While I don't personally have a kitchen pantry (trust me, I want one very much), I do have a wire shelved closet in my studio, and I have definitely used bins, baskets, and containers to their fullest extent to be able to easily see what I have and keep track of it. Of course, we all have a corner of our closet that ends up being a "catch all" - don't think that your storage will always look pinterest perfect - you'll still need a monthly or quarterly "check-in" - especially if you're not the only one using the storage systems!

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