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Harry Potter Book Cover Origami Wall Art

Harry Potter Book Cover Origami Wall Art by LeeMo Designs in Bend, OR

I was recently commissioned to make a custom wall art piece out of the covers of the Harry Potter Series! I have to say.... it turned out far better than I imagined that it would!

I've been pretty enamored with the series since I was 11, power-reading every book within days of it's release... even standing in line at midnight for some of them! I even succumbed into the Pottermore world and sorted myself to see where I'd land. I honestly thought Gryffindor but ended up in Ravenclaw. J.K. Rowling, you created a magical world where I could escape from reality as a teenager - thank you for dreaming up this world!

We were only able to acquire covers for books 2-7, so we used a paperback copy of book 1 to intersperse between the other covers. The pages were quick and easy to fold and adhere, but the covers were thicker and had more "bounce" so they wouldn't stay in the shape that I needed for the modules. 


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