Custom Wedding Favor Ideas

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Custom Wedding Favor Ideas

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of working with Abby of AE Creative to create a custom seating chart and favor combination. We met a few times to narrow down what would be the perfect fit for her bride and groom. We came up with personalized keychains to use as a seating chart, and then for the guests to take with them as their unique favor. Wedding favors are something that a lot of thought goes into, as the bride and groom want something that is memorable from their special day, but still useful (or consumable – food and drink are also a very popular choice) for their guests.

 Personalized Wedding Favor Keychain

What’s even better is that Abby had the idea to add charms to each of the keychains to signify the tables that they would be seated at, and to color code each symbol so that it was easier to spot. She even had this great board where everything was hung so beautifully.

Wooden Laser Cut Wedding Seating Chart Favors

The keychains were inspired by the old motel plastic keychains, but without being as big, and adding some dimension by cutting out the guest names instead of just engraving them. I’m a big fan of cutout details in my work, as I think it makes design aspects pop. I like the combination of cutout and engraved, as it highlights each detail in a different way.

Plywood Engraved Personalized Keychain

Projects like these are great because they stretch my mind to think really creatively in terms of material – what is going to hold up the best to daily use? What hardware makes it easiest to attach and detach? What is the ideal size so you can have it on your keys without being too cumbersome?

 Oregon Wedding Planner Custom Wedding Favor

Even the lettering for the seating chart was a fun project – Casey of My Fair Letters hand lettered the quote, then digitized it so that I could scale it up and laser cut it to use as a title for the board. 

Here are some other wedding items that have inspired me or that I've made in the past: LeeMo Designs Wedding Pinterest Board

Handlettering Laser cut Wooden Words

Wedding Planner: AE Creative

Photographer: Jessica Hickerson

Venue: Loloma Lodge

Calligraphy: My Fair Letters

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