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cook what you like: okonomiyaki

last week i went out to dinner with my mom and sister. we had okonomiyaki – which a type of japanese pancake, or pizza that osaka is very famous for. i tried to document as many of the preparation steps as i could so i could more or less explain what it is to everyone.

first, you order what type of meat you want – i went with pork, of course. my sister got beef, and my mom got squid.

they bring all your fixing out in a little bowl – cabbage mixed w flour, egg, and water plus whatever type of meat you picked.

the dudes at the restaurant mix it all up for you on the hot plate…

then make it look all pretty while everything cooks

beef, squid, and pork. clockwise, from left to right.

after it’s cooked for a bit, they come and pile a buncha noodles on top – adding the noodles makes this a “modern yaki”

after they’ve cooked for a little more, they come through and flip everything over so the noodles get all crispy on the outside

see – CRISPY!

add a lil mayonnaise…

stir in some okonomi sauce (like worcestershire sauce, but sweeter)…

add some aonori (seaweed), a bit more sauce, and some hot pepper and your’e good to go!

if you come to japan, make sure you eat this in osaka – they make it all over japan, but Osaka is where it’s the best 

this time i refrained from gobbling it up right away and made sure to document everything!

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