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Color Me Pink, Color Me Happy, Gimme Some Spring!

my apologies for the lack of posting – it’s been a busy week! i’m sure you guys are all chomping at the bit wondering what i’ve been up to ;)

last week my aunt and i went to yozakura kenbutsu – where they light up the osaka castle and the cherry blossom trees around it so you can enjoy all kinds of awesome all at once. we took a bunch of pictures while we were walking to the castle. we ended up just making it 15 minutes before they closed the gates on the last night of the event! so lucky. plus it had been pouring rain all day and the short time that we were there was the only time it wasn’t raining so clearly, it was meant to be.

some stairs that we had to climb to get to the event… look at all those blossoms on the steps!

it was a little eerie because it was so dark and really just the trees were lit, but it was still gorgeous.

my aunt snuck a couple pictures of me taking pictures in

this is the picture i was taking in the picture above. strange sentence but i think (hope) it makes sense!

there was still tons of precipitation on the flowers from the rain! so awesome to see up close.

then, a few days later we decided to drive to maishima (a park on the water fairly close to our house) for hanami and a picnic. unfortunately, it started to rain as soon as we finished eating….

before it got too bad my aunt took kikuno out so she could get some exercise in.

while they were running around i decided to snap some more shots of the cherry blossoms – they’ll be gone by the end of this week!

loving the splash of pink at the center of the flowers!

i always forget that there are so many types of cherry blossom trees until i see different types near each other. the bold pink makes the others behind it look pink!

it was a cherry blossom filled week but it was a ton of fun to go see all of the flowers. too bad the weather has been so hit or miss! it was freezing and raining last week but it’s 73+ and gorgeous this week… global warming, you are so strange.

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