Chore Charts - What's the best way to put them to use?

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Chore Charts - What's the best way to put them to use?

You want your kids to start doing chores - now what?

Cherry Wood Chore Chart Magnet Rae Dunn Inspired Font

1. Be reasonable - you're not going to be able to teach your kids new habits overnight, so start small. Start with a few key things, then add in others as they seem to grasp the whole process.

Custom Laser Engraved Cherry Wood Chore Chart Magnets

2. If they don't see you working through your "list", why should they? Don't forget - lots of kids learn by watching, so make sure you're leading by example.

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3. Should you do a rewards system? Chores for allowance? Entirely up to you, but it may help to motivate them to want to learn the system more.

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4. There should definitely be consequences for items that don't get done, but it doesn't need to be as serious as being grounded. Be reasonable, you're teaching a life skill here, so don't make chores such a negative that they don't do them otherwise.

Homework Handwriting Wooden Chore Chart Magnets

5. Definitely include Homework and other mandatory activities - they still have to keep up their grades in school and do extracurriculars, so make sure you're folding that into your expectations for what their responsibilities are around the house.

You can order my chore chart board and magnets from the link below, where you can either choose from an age appropriate magnet set, or make your own custom set (+$10).

Happy chore charting!



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