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Personalized Organizing Labels Decals

Personalized Organizing Labels Decals

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Kitchen labels to easily keep track of your bulk ingredients! Pantry labels are useful for baking ingredients, coffee, tea and anything else you would store in airtight containers. Pantry organization is key to knowing what you have in stock and making sure that you never run out. These jar labels will make it easy to visually track the quantity of ingredients you have left. These are vinyl pantry stickers that can be put on the container of your preference.

Each label is 1" tall, and no wider than 5.75" (width depends on text chosen).
Flour: 1" x 4.3"
Sugar: 1" x 4.6"
Coffee: 1" x 5.1"
Tea: 1" x 2.5"
Cookies: 1" x 5.6"

Please specify width and height of container, and I will make the decal fit within that.

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