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Organizing Clip Magnets

Organizing Clip Magnets

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Magnetic and customizable fridge magnet clips to help you keep your life in order! These refrigerator magnet clips will help you use your fridge as a command center to keep track of important things. White these are decorative clips, they can also serve individual functions so you can track mail or coupons. 

- Engraved wood clips with a magnet attached
- Multiple pre-designed options to choose from, or select **CUSTOM**, and I will work with you to have custom categories engraved on the clip (+$1.00 Per Clip).
- The magnets are sturdy and will hold at least 4 envelopes before slipping (depending on thickness, of course).

Use these wood magnets to keep your home command center organized. Sometimes while we're rushing from place to place it's hard to remember to sort the things that need taken care of, but with these magnets, you can just snap them to the board as a visual reminder to take care of them as soon as you're able to. Magnetic command center ideas at home are ideal with these wood magnets.

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