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SECONDS: Chore Chart Magnets

SECONDS: Chore Chart Magnets

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- Cherry, Maple, or Walnut Wood
- May include knots, blemishes in the wood, or slightly different cut shape

These 1" chart chore magnets will help motivate kids to get it done!

Icons for the age 2-5 set (for beginning readers), and short descriptions for the other sets make it easy for a child of any age to understand what jobs still need to be done and what's already been completed.

Starting, or making a chore chart can seem daunting to create a new system, but Sunshine & Hurricanes offers examples of age-appropriate chores that's easy to reference! You can make your own magnetic chore board, or purchase my magnetic dry-erase chore chart.

- 1/8" Laser Cut Cherry Wood
- Strong but thin magnet attached to the back
- 1" W x 1" H

Chore chart picture magnets are a great way to help children who aren't at a reading age level understand the concept of the chore board, and what it means to have things that they're responsible for.

Circle 1.5" Chore Magnets:

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