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Acrylic Task Board - Dry-Erase To-Do List

Acrylic Task Board - Dry-Erase To-Do List

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Do you know what I've always wanted? A nice to do list. After years of using pieces of paper and crossing things off, it always got to the point where the paper was so cluttered that I couldn't see what still needed to be done!

One day while I was using some scrap acrylic to keep quick notes and I had an idea! What if I designed an acrylic to do board! Everything would be in one place, and then erase the completed tasks creating CLEAN space (for more tasks, clearly!). 

- 6" x 9" acrylic dry erase board
- Includes fine tip dry erase expo pen
- Choose from Cherry Wood (caramel tone) or Walnut Wood (Chocolate tone) base
- Hole in the back of the base for pen storage, without obscuring the task list
- Acrylic is notched to keep it from sliding side to side on the wooden base

Keep your tasks and desk organized with this frosted acrylic note board. Keeping the tasks that need to be taken care of visually in front of you helps keep you stay organized and motivated so you can check off (or erase) each task as it's completed.

With a dry erase board to do list, you can remove the clutter (and waste) of post-it notes/papers all over your workspace! This tabletop to do list dry erase board will definitely keep your desk neat and organized while keeping important tasks in front of you visually.

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