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Magnetic Chore Chart Board & Chore Magnets

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These 1" magnets help motivate kids to get it done! Set includes a 6”x12” hanging metal board and 10 magnets (see below for sets to choose from).

Each board is made to order with your child’s name on it, so please enter their name in the notes section.

Icons for the age 2-5 set, for beginning readers, and short descriptions for the other sets make it easy for any age child to see what jobs still need to be done and what's already been completed.

These cherry wood magnets come in sets of 10 - choose from:

- Ages 2-5 (Image Icons)
(Make Bed, Wipe, Feed Pet, Pick Up Toys / Put Toys Away, Tidy Room, Laundry / Socks, Put On PJs, Bath Time, Brush Teeth, Writing / HW)

- Ages 6-9
(Sweep, Homework, Put Away Laundry, Unload Dishwasher, Dust, Clean Room, Set Table, Make Bed, Load Dishwasher, Feed Pets)

- Ages 10-15
(Make Bed, Vacuum, Fold Laundry, Pick Up Toys, Load Dishwasher, Do Homework, Sweep Floor, Feed Pet, Set Table, Clean Room)

- Custom set of 10 (+$10)
(Please list your 10 choices in the notes section during checkout)

For a custom set, please include ten (10) chores that you would like engraved on your magnets. I will send a digital proof prior to production to confirm choices.