Magnetic Fridge Board

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  • Measurement: 6"W x 9"H OR 8"W x 10"H
  • Brushed Silver Magnetic Offset Hardware
  • Includes magnetic, dry erase pen (with eraser on cap)
  • Personalized Top Line (13 character maximum)
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How many times is too many to start over a meal planning list? Also, why are there 18 types of vegetables you must incorporate into your meals? We’re probably spending too much time scrolling for meal plans on Pinterest than actually creating one! 

That’s where this magnetic fridge board saves the day. You can’t lose it, only re-use it. It comes with an erasable surface making it super convenient to keep updates. It comes with a pen that …what’s that…sticks on to the fridge! Nothing spells efficiency better than this.

With a frosted acrylic design, it is perfect for any color of fridge. You can get it either ruled or unruled. Great for doodling some ideas.

You can personalize with a title or name, as well! This also makes a perfect gift and accountability partner for a busy friend.

Ink lasts longer when pens are stored upside down.

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