Tabletop Acrylic Jewelry Organizer

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The organizer is made of clear acrylic, with a solid wood base. You have a choice of three woods for the base:

  • Maple: a light, creamy color with a smooth grain pattern.
  • Cherry: warm reddish-brown with straight grain pattern.
  • Walnut: the darkest option, with a tight grain.


  • Measurement: 10.5" H x 9" W
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How many times have you left the house without jewelry because you couldn’t find a matching pair of earrings that went with your outfit? And why are the most expensive the first ones to disappear?

Could it be because you tend to take them off and leave them scattered on windowsills and nightstands?

Let’s ditch the common headache of never finding a matching pair… or having to ask your partner (again) to untangle a necklace.

This tabletop jewelry organizer offers enough room to keep all your pieces organized. With a clear acrylic holder, you’ll be sure to match your outfits from across the room. It offers great functionality to not only hold your dangle earrings, but your dainty stud ones, too!

Please note: I take great care in selecting high-quality hardwoods. The color of the base on your tabletop acrylic organizer may vary slightly from the pictures shown above as wood grain is not consistent.