Utah = Epic.

Utah = Epic.

In late september, I had the opportunity to go to Vernal, Utah. I know, not your #1 vacation spot. My best friend just moved there recently and I’d never been to Utah so I decided to visit. I had no idea what I was in for, but knew that there would be epic scenery and great opportunities to get some good photos for LeeMo. By the way, I”m going to use the word epic a lot in this post, so be prepared 

Besides the fact that it was great to spend time with the ‘bestie’, I was astounded by the amazing views. Check these out:

And of course… I love my sparkle ( must be the Japanese in me):

I was so stunned by how gorgeous everything there was. Definitely different from any climate or elevation that I’m accustomed to, but totally worth the trip. I’m hoping to head back out there when there’s still some snow on the ground and get a very different feel of the place 

We wandered through some national parks and got amazing macro photos:

That’s not a macro photo of earrings but in Japanese we’d call that ‘otaku’.. it was too funny so I had to put it up

I pretend hiked a little bit… it looks like I’m on a super intense mountain but I wasn’t so much. Look at the colors though!

I got some snuggle time with Max – pretty much the coolest cat out there. Hands down.

Last but of course not least, lots of time with my buddy.

Great weather, great company, great experience.

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