I went to Tokushima (in Shikoku) with my aunt a while back for an agility competition for her dog. While she and her dog were running around in the rain, I had a chance to get together with a friend from high school who I hadn’t seen since graduation (8 years!). We decided to take a drive around some parts of Tokushima and check it out since we were both unfamiliar with the area.

amazing lighting as the rain stops and sun pops back out to say hello

a really really awesome wall – look how the rocks go from jagged to smooth!

we also happened upon a little hiking trail and got a great view overlooking Tokushima

old school phone booth


couldn’t resist a photo op of my LeeMo earrings ( on the mossy tree

gorgeous flowers on someone’s doorstep

my aunt and i stopped for some of the best softserve ever on the way back to Osaka 

I always love road trips with my aunt cuz we just laugh and have a great time. We stop along the way at different rest stops that are famous for things here and there and try different types of food and think up different things we can pick up for the rest of the family back home.

Tokushima was amazing – and it was a great break from being in the midst of a very very busy city. I forgot how much I enjoyed hiking and being in nature 

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