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Want to feel better? Make something! In one study of more than 3,500 knitters, published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. More than half reported feeling very happy. 

Crafting can also reduce stress, relieve or reduce depression and anxiety, build self-esteem, decrease the risk of cognitive impairment as you age, help with insomnia, reduce irritability and restlessness, build community and friendships plus crafting helps if you are grieving.

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I have tons and tons of wire shelving in my house, and very limited storage space, so I've taken to categorizing items in baskets and bins. I designed these hooked tags for myself, and then friends and family wanted them, and then.... well, you get the idea. NOW this line of products has grown to include 3 font options, 4 material options (including dry-erase!), and either hooked tags or tie on tags. The options are:Block Font (Hooked Tags & Tie On Tags)Handwriting Font (Hooked Tags & Tie On Tags)Script Font (Tie On Tags)Dry Erase (Hooked Tags & Tie On Tags) While...

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So I've had a little more time on my hands recently and I remembered that I had some images of a mocktail photoshoot that I had done and never posted about. I've been using my cocktail picks pretty regularly to make mocktails since I've been home more.

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Back when we only had one dog, Stella - we would so frequently forget to feed her that we set an alarm on my phone to remind us. She was happy as a clam, laying in our laps or sleeping 12+ hours and would never remind us! To be fair, she's not very food motivated, either though.

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It's awful. This virus is spreading so quickly and easily. It's definitely terrifying to watch the economy collapse and small businesses struggle. I'm one of those small businesses. I was able to go full time in my business back in October 2019, and it's been absolutely amazing having everyone support the products I've designed. I know we're all struggling financially now, and as much as I'd love sales, I'd rather offer some ideas for what you can do to keep yourself sane and feeling accomplished while you're at home. BUST OUT THAT DUSTY DO TO LISTYou know, all the things...

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