Nuit Blanche Kyoto

Nuit Blanche Kyoto

A friend of mine told me about this event that they were having in kyoto called nuit blanche – i’d kind of heard about it in paris, but didn’t know they held it in kyoto as well and was very interested in checking it out. i headed to kyoto after work to sanjo and we started our trek (little did we know that it would be a 10km trek!).

we made a plan (ish) and set out……. turns out the map on the website isn’t to scale at all, and there weren’t too many signs pointing us in the right direction. so really, more than nuit blanche kyoto, it turned out to be a morimoto adventure / leisurely walk.

when we finally happened up one location, it was spectacular! the installation was at the manga museum, and they used the facade of the building and projected various animations and such onto it.

after the show at the manga museum was done, we got excited and tried to find another one.. this one was much easier to find, and turned out to be pretty spectacular as well:

all in all, it was a fabulous night, and even though i was a bit sore the next day at work, i enjoyed every bit of it! kyoto’s atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than osaka’s, and being able to walk in nature along a river lined with trees was really refreshing

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