Live Jazz on the Dotombori River

Live Jazz on the Dotombori River

a couple weeks ago, I was invited to listen to live jazz on a boat with my uncle and cousin. I love jazz, i love boats, and i love trying new things so obviously i went!

it was drizzling a bit, but it was pretty incredible to be able to listen to good music while riding on the river that runs through one of the coolest parts of osaka. the boat started near radio osaka, and it was just starting to rain so i snapped this awesome shot:

once we got going, we spent most of the time waving to various people on either side of the river while listening to music. jazz instruments tend to be pretty loud so our boat was pretty hard to miss ^.^

here’s a shot of my cousin and i pretty excited about our night (i had come straight from work to meet them, thus the attire) :

after our fantastic boat ride, we went out for okonomiyaki at a restaurant that’s really famous called Chibo. i’d never tried this thing called tompeiyaki before (pork wrapped in egg) so we ordered some – SO DELICIOUS. i actually dream about it and want to go back but the restaurant is so popular that it’s quite difficult to get into.

all in all it was a pretty fantastic night! loving all these new and exciting adventures!

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