Kasei = Growth

Kasei = Growth

Hey all –

this is LeeMo’s very first necklace and it means something really special to me.

Although my family in Japan is not affected by the tragedy occurring, it has been very hard to see all of the damage done to the country.  My first thought was to drop everything here and go help in any way that I could – but after taking a moment, realized that was not plausible. I have designed this necklace to be a symbol to remember that through this tragedy, by working together, we can help Japan.

The cherry blossom was designed as a Kamon, or emblem – so we can remember what happened and keep it near our hearts. The cherry blossom symbolizes new growth – it is very important to stay positive and keep moving forward so that Japan can begin to put itself back together after the series of tragedies.

All profits from the Kasei Necklaces will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Thanks for supporting LeeMo & Japan!

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