I <3 San Francisco

I <3 San Francisco

This past weekend I ventured south to the bay area. It was amazing, even though I seemed to take some of this portland chill with me… I suppose I’ll have to wait until the next trip to really see a difference in temperature and weather 

I absolutely love that I can spend chunks of my trips photographing my earrings and that my friends don’t get sick of it! How wonderful to have architects/artists/designers/creatives in your social circle.

On this trip we went for a hike, drank some wine, spent the day in the city, ate delicious chinese food, saw old friends, and then ended the trip with an afternoon of wine tasting… oh, wine country!

Here are some shots of our fun:

since i was all dressed up we couldn’t pass up a great photo op!

i had to.

totes adorbs.

fun new earring colors!

i’m watching you.

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