Ellen + Cory's Wedding

Ellen + Cory's Wedding

These are two of my favorite people. Ellen and I met at the Portland satellite of University of Oregon. She was doing her Masters program in Architecture, and I was in my BFA year of Product Design. We hit it off immediately, bonding over our immense awkwardness.

I didn't meet Cory right away, as he was doing his masters program in Washington, but when I did get to finally meet him, I knew he was a keeper!

Over the years, we've all moved here and there and around, but still keep in touch. Ellen texted me when I was still living in Utah to show me the gorgeous ring that Cory got for her, and of course was thrilled when I told her that we would be moving back to Bend, making it much easier for me to attend her wedding ;)

THEIR WEDDING WAS SO EPIC! THE very best wedding I've ever been to. Just the right size, where they had time to interact with their guests and have it be intimate, but big enough that it wasn't just talking to the same people the whole time.

Unfortunately, my other half was working in North Dakota at the time, so I enlisted my buddy Lexie to join me for the road trip / wedding.

Enjoy some of the hilarity and amazingness:

Ok, I LOVE these shoes. They hurt like you wouldn't believe, but look how sparkly!

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